Fire Regulations

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  1. A Bear Claw Valley manager, director or advisor must approve all fires.



  1. A bucket of water should be secured before a fire is started.
  2. Watch for sparks flying.
  3. Keep bucket full at all times.



  1. DON'T leave a fire unattended.
  2. Once a log has been placed on the fire, DON'T remove it.
  3. DON'T put on any dried or green pine boughs.
  4. DON'T put on a fire any paper goods or wrappers.  They are lightweight and may catch on fire and heat from the fire may case them to float away in flames and may not go out before they land.
  5. Embers in a fire-pit may be left to smolder and go out, unless it is windy.
  6. When you leave Bear Claw Valley, be sure your fire is "dead out".



  1. The cut and stacked wood near the campsites is for inclement weather. There is plenty of wood to gather up.  Do not cut down any standing trees dead or alive.  Clean up the small stuff on the ground too.  This will give the forest fire less chance to get started.
  2. If by chance you use the stacked wood, we expect you to replace the amount.  A chain saw will help out in this effort.  Please bring your chain saw.  It will come in handy.